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Client story – Turn-around IT Programme Management and building capabilities for the future


IT Management realized just days before deadline that high impact IT Programme for very important customer was significantly delayed. Trust had been erupted. Due to external dependencies the IT Programme was close to an ultimate deadline.  Availability, reliability and security are key attributes, and hence quality of the solution can never be compromised. Programme management was out of control with actual status. Very tight timeline to get the programme on track and the IT Solution delivered, or it would have devastating business consequences. Trust with the customer had to be rebuild. Executio Partners was brought in to turn around the situation.


The Programme being a strategic priority  was not lived in practice, as too many other Programmes were also labelled as ‘strategic priority’. People working in the programme were worn down and frustration flourished. Relation with significant sub-contractor was also challenged. Clarity on deliverables and acceptance criteria was lacking.

Exchange of staff on key positions was needed for various reasons.

Significant need to deliver immediate results while also building sustainable capabilities to support, operate and maintain the solution after go-live


Engaged all stakeholders in getting the facts on the table to establish the baseline of current situation as well as get a clear picture of the target state. Identified the activities to close the gap and created a new plan for delivery.

We reorganised the teams and designed teams based on competencies. We used some tools from the agile tool-box to create the right sense of urgency and commitment in the teams, while also creating more transparency  through scrum-boards and bi-weekly demos to the customer








Senior management got engaged, and we succeeded in obtaining real priority that resulted in getting the additional resources, we asked for.

Worked in close loop with senior management of the customer as well as  the sub-contractor to ensure alignment, joined priorities, transparency and the ability to join forces to remove obstacles.

Building sustainable capabilities together with the line organisations enabled smooth transition and the foundation for securing long-term value of the solution.


Successful go-live in time to meet the ultimate deadline dictated by external dependencies.

Meeting the acceptance criteria of the customer.

Key capabilities were built, and more capability building planned.

Senior Management realised their own role in creating a stronger framework for execution and building the right capabilities.



Delivered the IT solution in time for the customer to meet their external commitments, and transitioned successfully into production with no major issues.

Rebuild business relationship with a key customer.

Senior Management kicked-off a transformation to mature the organisation and strengthen capabilities.







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