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Client stories

Stories are a powerful format for sharing what we do and can - in a simple way - exemplify how we work.

We tell our stories from the viewpoint of our clients in the same way as we frame transformations from the perspective of the client organization, and ultimately measure the value sitting next to the buyer.

Stories work so well because they help us make sense of an organizational transformation we are undertaking, set the direction of a strategy we are implementing, or provide the context for devising a new strategy. They are coherent, they explain why we are here, they inform us about what is already working, and what will have to change, and they relate our current undertaking to our surroundings be it the wider organization or entire markets.

On this page you can browse our collection of illustrated story summaries. In each story we touch upon the approach we took, to reflect the fact that each intervention is tailored to fit the specific circumstances and identity of the client, and we conclude by assessing the value, that we helped create.

client 1

Turn-around of a derailed business critical IT Programme and complete the delivery with success.


Strategy developed, strategy realisation framework defined and value-creating board of directors established


Created platform strategy and concept, set up framework for strategy execution in lockstep with key investors and improved capabilities for B2B software and professional service delivery


Took control of business intelligence project that was severely delayed and created team and delivered above expectations in under three months

Based on business priorities and industry best practise,
an ambitious transformation journey was defined in close
collaboration with the emerging leader team.

Established one, shared and prioritized view of  business needs 
and ensured co-ownership of recommendation.

Built up new company from scratch.

Established governance, carved in services from different 
business units and joined the original leadership team in 
interim roles until the permanent leaders where on-boarded.

Helped create partnership of group of multinationals for innovative business development focused positive societal impact.

Designed and led transformation of IT-organisation to 
increase maturity across people, processes and technology.

Helped partnership build for future growth via alignment of partners and structured strategy execution.

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